The podcast with Johann Lafer, great guests and delicious recipes is a production by PODCAST LOUNGE by move communications.

Germany’s most famous and probably most versatile TV chef invites friends and companions to personal insider talks once a month. This is primarily about the topics of enjoyment, cuisine and the joy of life.

And as a special extra, there is one or the other very special recipe to be heard to read and of course to cook at home.

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SEVERIN has been producing electric grills for more than 25 years – that speaks for competence and success.

It is not without reason that the traditional company is the market leader in the field of electric grills. As part of the brand repositioning, the topic of eBBQ must be re-addressed and positioned as a specialist in this field in the long term. move communications is developing an audio communication strategy that perfectly supports this goal.

The centerpiece is the conception and production of the podcast “Steaks and the City”. SEVERIN is launching its first own podcast in summer 2019 and provides monthly tips, recipe ideas and lots of barbecue fun. The focus is always on the advantages of electric grilling. SEVERIN scores with credible content, competence and enthusiasm for the topic.

At the same time, two Spotify playlists offer the right soundtrack for the eBBQ barbecue party. The audio offer is rounded off by a radio PR report that will be broadcast throughout Germany on over 35 private radio stations during the 2019 barbecue season and not only provide listeners with information about electric barbecues, but also give them the chance to use a SEVERIN eBBQ grill to win.

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RADIO TOURISM is a joint venture of the munich-based communications agency move communications with the audio PR specialists from SCHLENKER in Stuttgart.

The idea behind RADIO TOURISM is to pool the knowledge accumulated by both agencies about the tourism industry in conjunction with high-quality audio productions for the radio and – more and more – also for podcasts.

Today it is clear: The concept is working – and even finds its successful extension of the concept in this innovative audio format with “RADIO TOURISM Der Podcast”.

An overview of the episodes can be found at any time under

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